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Link from the Dart Hackathon page: 'Language presentation - Lengthy training for Dart language and libraries'

Bootstrap into Dart
Equality (today). == user definable; "is equal to". === "is same instance". Equality (soon). == not user definable; algorithm: if x === y then return true. Otherwise; if either x o...

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Make the Web Faster — Google Developers
Overview · PageSpeed · Insights · Browser Extensions · Chrome · Firefox · Rules · Avoid Bad Requests · Avoid CSS @import · Avoid CSS Expressions · Minimize document.write · Combine External CSS · Comb...
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/ht Bruce Sterling

Showtime: Yayoi Kusama, “Obliteration Room”
*Kind of a crowdsourcey interactive maker-scene in the Tate there.*Kids! Try this at home!
#dartlang #podcast "That's been great" - an update to last weeks podcast, another 25 mins 2012-03-22T09:07:59.000ZZ 2012-03-22T09:07:59.000ZZ Michael Haubenwallner https://plus.google.com/108931164613660994654 tag:plus.google.com,2012-03-22:/plus.google.com/108931164613660994654/posts/XGmVLg73dnY G+ post, published at 2012-03-22, file under dartlang, podcast

"That's been great" - an update to last weeks podcast, another 25 mins

008.1 V8 and V8 and Dart with Lars Bak and Kasper Lund – Bonus Content
Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 25:48 — 35.4MB) Discussion Dart Jabber? Shared Worker DOM Interactions problematic in large projects HTML5 HTML Library in Dart Chrome Automatic Updat...
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Seth Ladd's Blog: First look at Dart's HTML template library
Modern web apps process data and generate display content on the client. The days of full page refreshes and expensive server round trips are gone. Modern web app frameworks usually ship with some sor...
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‘Personal Cloud’ to Replace PC by 2014, Says Gartner
There's no doubting the cloud invasion. But the research firm Gartner believes the personal cloud will replace the PC as the center of our d...

#podcast #dartlang JavaScript Jabber - Looks like the podcast is finally online now. Very interes... 2012-03-14T07:26:25.000ZZ 2012-03-14T07:26:25.000ZZ Michael Haubenwallner https://plus.google.com/108931164613660994654 tag:plus.google.com,2012-03-14:/plus.google.com/108931164613660994654/posts/fTfRvXpkVKj G+ post, published at 2012-03-14, file under podcast, dartlang

JavaScript Jabber - Looks like the podcast is finally online now. Very interesting to listen to.

008 JSJ V8 and Dart with Lars Bak and Kaspar Lund
#app-engine New website added at developers.google.com 2012-03-14T06:52:05.000ZZ 2012-03-14T06:52:05.000ZZ Michael Haubenwallner https://plus.google.com/108931164613660994654 tag:plus.google.com,2012-03-14:/plus.google.com/108931164613660994654/posts/WvBHZDRRGkg G+ post, published at 2012-03-14, file under app-engine

New website added at developers.google.com

Google App Engine — Google Developers
Admin Console · System Status · FAQ · Downloads; Getting Started. What Is Google App Engine? Java · Introduction · Installing the Java SDK · Creating a Project · Using the Users Service · Using JSPs ·...

#advertising Are We There Yet? 2012-03-13T12:01:57.000ZZ 2012-03-13T12:01:57.000ZZ Michael Haubenwallner https://plus.google.com/108931164613660994654 tag:plus.google.com,2012-03-13:/plus.google.com/108931164613660994654/posts/KNUVa4AeA3w G+ post, published at 2012-03-13, file under advertising

Are We There Yet?

Homeless Hotspots: the best, worst, smartest, dumbest part of SXSW
The most important thing that happened at SXSW Interactive wasn't an app launch or a keynote presentation. It wasn’t a major acquisition or a surprise takeover. In many ways, it was a...

#photography Salvador Calaf - amazing images 2012-03-13T11:25:55.000ZZ 2012-03-13T11:25:55.000ZZ Michael Haubenwallner https://plus.google.com/108931164613660994654 tag:plus.google.com,2012-03-13:/plus.google.com/108931164613660994654/posts/QgqXs8ppc4b G+ post, published at 2012-03-13, file under photography

Salvador Calaf - amazing images

Home · Architecture · Egypt · Googleries · Nature · Portrait · Polaroid · Terra Incognita · Venice Galleries · Taken with my iPhone · Designing Books · Blog · Print Sales · About · Follow salvadorcala...

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Seth Ladd's Blog: Using Futures in Dart for Better Async Code
Dart bundles lots of functionality into its standard libraries, helping developers avoid reinventing the wheel from project to project. One of those wheels is a better way to handle asynchronous callb...
#pycon2012 2012-03-12T16:37:59.000ZZ 2012-03-12T16:37:59.000ZZ Michael Haubenwallner https://plus.google.com/108931164613660994654 tag:plus.google.com,2012-03-12:/plus.google.com/108931164613660994654/posts/jRK3v49M2K3 #Holga #dslr 2012-03-12T09:51:23.000ZZ 2012-03-12T09:51:23.000ZZ Michael Haubenwallner https://plus.google.com/108931164613660994654 tag:plus.google.com,2012-03-12:/plus.google.com/108931164613660994654/posts/D9CDEG18BS5